Ernie Lanzarin submitted a photo from July 4, 2004.

Ernie was awarded the PH Community Plus Award and was part of the July 4th parade, theme Hometown Heroes. He was asked to choose his hometown hero to ride with him, and Ernie (on the left in photo) chose JC JORY City of PH public works… USMC Vietnam combat vet, long time Martinez resident and deserving employee. Thanks for the memory!

Lisa Gruen submitted a photo from July 4, 2007 of a youngster enjoying the parade!  Looks like the Army band played that year! Thank you Lisa!

Rudy Adamek, AKA Buttons Z Clown, was the Grand Marshal for the 2008 Parade. Thanks for the memory Rudy!

Photos submitted by Katia Senff from July 4, 2019!  Thanks Katia!

Carlton Senior Living submitted these photos from the 2018 parade.

First Photo: Carlton Senior Living Pleasant residents wait in the staging area for the parade to begin.

Second Photo: Parading in front of the Century marquee

Third Photo: Carlton residents decked out in red, white and blue eagerly wait for the parade to begin. 

Thanks for the photos!  Looking forward to seeing you all next year! 

Parade Photos sent in by Pete Sabine! Thanks Pete!

Brianna Shahvar submitted photos from the past few Pleasant Hill 4th of July events!  Thanks Brianna!

Thanks to Edel Gaigalas for sending in this cute photo from 2017! 

Thanks Kevin Kennedy for sending in photos from 2018 and 2019!

Thanks Kevin Kennedy for the photo collage of our 2015 event!

Thanks Jim and Marilyn Howe & the crew of Pyro Spectaculars North, Inc.!

These are great photos of how the fireworks were set up. Thanks again Jim & Marilyn Howe, & the awesome crew!

Tim Flaherty, long-time City Council member and former mayor submitted these photos. The red convertible is from the 2014 parade, the fireworks from 2016, the next 2 are from 2017, and the last photo is from 2019 (also note photo of Martin Nelis on the trolley!).  Thanks Tim!

More photos! These were provided by Emily Bonato. Thanks Emily!

Photos provided by Jen Tennant from 2018 and 2019. Thanks Jen!

Thanks Allison Koerber for sending in these 5 photos!

Longtime Commission member Allen Vinson has taken thousands of photos over the years of the 5K Run, Parade, Party-in-the-Park, and the Fireworks show. Enjoy this sampling!

Thanks to Heather Shirley for sending in these Cinderella Tot photos from the 2019 parade!

Thanks Steve & Dorothy Anderson for providing this photo!

Thanks for the photo Jacqueline Lorenz! Hope we see you all at the 5K Race next year with cool 5K run t-shirts for 2021!

This cute photo is from Donya Ladunga! Thanks!

Don De Benedictis provided this photo from the 2013 parade! Thanks!

Thanks to Catrina Cory Photography for sending these photos!

Fun photos from Tom Bell! Thanks!

Thanks Tammy Rieser for these super-cute photos from 2018! Love their names!

First photo:
Sparkey, Sammie and Torrie (all Dachshunds)

Second photo: