Register for a Booth!

With all the things to do, It’s no surprise that over 3,000 people attend the Pleasant Hill 4th of July Celebration each year

Cost to sponsor a booth:

Non-profit, 501c3: $40

For-profit business: $75

The booth space is approximately 10’ x 10’.   We do not allow items to be sold at the booth.  Many booth sponsors have activities for children. Booth sponsors provide pop-ups, tables and chairs.

Booths are subject to the approval of the Pleasant Hill Fourth of July Commission.

When paying below on PayPal or Credit Card, please indicate the business name, responsible contact with phone and email, and a brief description of booth and any materials.          

If paying by mail, please make check out to PH Fourth of July Commission and mail to: P.O.Box 23272, Pleasant Hill, CA   94523, and provide the business name, responsible contact information and description of booth and any materials.

Type of Business for Booth
Business name and contact info
Descrip of booth & materials