Parade Registration Information

Welcome to parade registration. We are pleased you have chosen to be a part of this great parade, and we look forward to having your entry in the line-up.



Before proceeding with registration of your entry, please review all the information on this page and share it with everyone in your group that needs to know. It contains important information.


All parade entries must be decorated. Music accompaniment to your entry is a plus and is encouraged (we define just about any form of noise as ‘music’). If you are not sure what kind of parade entry you want to have, or if you are looking for some ideas, just click on the photo gallerys to see some examples from previous parades. You can have a vehicle entry or a walking entry (or combination), your choice.


Starting Time:

Our parade begins promptly at 9:30 in the morning from the corner of Contra Costa Blvd. and Woodsworth. To achieve this timely step-off, we line up all the entries into the proper order in the assembly area prior to the parade start. This ensures a smooth and prompt start-up.


Assembly Area:

The parade assembly area is on the Cleaveland/Woodsworth curve. You can enter this area only from Gregory Lane traveling east. Because of street closures there will be no access from Contra Costa Blvd. Click HERE for a map of the assembly area.


Street Closures:

Starting at 7:30 a.m. portions of Gregory Lane, Woodsworth, Crescent Drive, Crescent Plaza and Boyd will be closed. Therefore, please view the MAP to find the route that works best for you (as well as any other vehicles that will be joining you). Remember, the only approach to the assembly area is from EASTBOUND GREGORY LANE.



Performance routines are welcomed all along the route, but must keep moving in a Forward Direction, keeping an even space between units. As your unit passes each of the 3 announcer stands along the route, our announcers will read the script that you have provided.

Near the end, a parade official will collect your number placard. When you reach the end at Boyd and Cleaveland, all riders in or on open vehicles will be required to get off and walk on the sidewalk. If you are returning to the park, be extra careful as this area is open to general traffic. Police will be present to assist in this area.

If you are leaving the area entirely, you may proceed westbound on Boyd or turn southbound onto Cleaveland.

Thank you for participating in this year’s parade. Have a wonderful and safe fourth.


Photo/Video Permission:

Participants acknowledge and agree that photos or video taken during the parade sponsored by and/or included in the Pleasant Hill Fourth of July celebration may be used without further consent or compensation by the Pleasant Hill Fourth of July Commission for promotional purposes. This includes, but is not limited to websites, Facebook, social networks, articles, and any other promotional or news materials regardless of format.

Now that we have reviewed the basic parade information lets proceed with registration of your entry.


There is a nominal fee for being in the parade. You will be asked to select a payment method during registration.